Journeying Therapy Is Not Hypnosis

Shamanic Journeys Use a Very Powerful Energy Used by Shamans for thousands of years.

Shamanic Journeying Is An Ancient Spiritual Practice

If you are not aware of spiritual realities and not attuned to spiritual possibilities this therapy is not for you. This is not hypnosis - This is an ancient spiritual practice.

Shamans have been the spiritual leaders of the tribe. Their techniques of using consciousness to recover "lost" pieces of yourselves. They were both the psychic and phyiscal healers. Dr. Butler has studied with the Navajo, the Apache and the Blackfoot Tribes. He also studied with the Kahunas in Hawaii.

Shamans all over the world and for thousands of years have used “journeying” as a healing tool and substantial path to self-understanding and enlightenment.

A Shamanic Journey is more than hypnosis. A Shamanic Journey relies not only upon hypnotic techniques but also upon the spiritual energy of the Hypnotherapist and the person seeking help.

A Shamanic Journey is a spiritual experience or at least a trans-consciousness experience that has one purpose: to find the pieces you have left behind.

The Shamans theorized (and rightly so) that when we are injured, betrayed, maltreated, etc. we actually “lose” a piece of ourselves at that moment. That piece of us does not grow up with us. That “piece” stays behind leaving us feeling less than whole.

Dr. Butler only offers Shamanic Journeying for those who simply cannot find relief any other way from a broken self. Shamanic Journeys are very powerful and require energy connections not usually required in normal hypnotherapeutic practice.

To find out more about Shamanic Journeying Therapy and discover if this treatment may fulfill your need in your quest for wholeness.

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Shamanic Journeying is an amazing experience that will help you collect your whole self.

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Dr. Butler, BS, BA, MDiv, PhD, RHP  is a specialist in hypnotherapy for difficult and unusual applications. Using only the telephone, Dr. Butler has helped hundreds of people who otherwise could not experience the magic results of hypnotherapy. 

Remote therapy is not intimidating. You stay in familiar surroundings and the safety of your own space. The magic of hypnosis is not in the trappings of swinging watches, etc. but in the skill of using the voice and the gift of intuition to find exactly where you are in your emotional healing and well being.

Dr. Butler has been practicing remote hypnotherapy for over 10 years with fantastic results for those who need specialized hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a common thing you do all the time. If you have ever gotten “lost in thought” and forgotten your surroundings or if you have ever gotten immersed in a movie so that you jumped when the frightening sight appeared, you have been hypnotized. And you did it to yourself.

Hypnotherapy uses the same techniques you use only on purpose and in a very skillful way.

Your conscious mind can only think of 2-6 things at the same time until it becomes overwhelmed. When it becomes overwhelmed the conscious mind goes into temporary dormancy and is predictably open to suggestions for what to think of next.

The overloading of the conscious mind and suggesting things to the subconscious mind is what a hypnotherapist does.

When the conscious mind becomes overloaded and defers to the subconscious mind, this is called a “trance”. Remember the movie you jumped at? You were in a trance or light on a screen would never have made you jump.

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years. It is not occult. It is not devilish. It is not metaphysical but nor is it purely scientific and laboratory cold.

Hypnotherapy is skillfully using what the mind already does to cause it to do what you want it to do.

Self-hypnotism is possible and very helpful. A skillful hypnotherapist is the ingredient that changes the taste of everything.

Happen to life or life will most certainly happen to you.

Please include your phone number, your name, a short description of your particular issue and your time zone. 

Also, please include the best time to call. The Free Consultation usually lasts 20-40 minutes. Please be in a quiet location where you will not experience disturbances.

Remote hypnotherapy is generally more effective. The client does not have to travel; the client is not subjected to a strange environment; the client can decide where they will receive therapy and feels more in control and less anxious and a phone conversation is more personal. 

Dr. Butler has created a conversational way of hypnotherapy so subtle and surprisingly delightful that clients look forward to sessions where there is no stress and no anxiety. Some clients suffer from agoraphobia and most clients have experienced unusual trauma and talking on the phone is far less intrusive than going to an office. 

Also, remote hypnotherapy makes this treatment modality available to anyone in the world.

If you are an epileptic or taking medication for epilepsy, hypnosis is not generally recommended for you. This is required by the Hypnotherapist’s Union (AFLCIO) policy of ethics.

If you are presently under the care of a psychiatrist, counselor or other mental health professional, your medical professional must agree to the hypnotic process concerning your abduction. This is required by the Hypnotherapist’s Union (AFLCIO) policy of ethics.

If you are presently taking antidepressants or any psychotropic medication hypnosis will be contraindicated. This is required by the Hypnotherapist’s Union (AFLCIO) policy of ethics.

Dr. Butler does not give medical advice but works together with other health professionals to help you deal with the trauma of your past life or lives experience and abides by the ethics of the Hypnotherapist’s Union AFLCIO.

Dr. Butler does not have set fees for unusual interventions. 

Costs are determined by the type and length of therapy. 

Dr. Butler is committed to no one being denied therapy because of lack of funds. 

Dr. Butler’s services are sponsored by The American Buddhist Order and relies on donations to help with fees for those who cannot afford therapy but need it badly. The fee schedule will be negotiated if you are a good candidate for hypnosis and Dr. Butler believes he can help you.

Many original unwanted memories happen to minors (those under 18 years of age). Dr. Butler has and does use the hypnotic process with minors with a signed consent form from the minor’s primary caretaker. In addition, Dr. Butler insists that the primary caretaker of the minor be on the phone call and present during the consultation and the hypnotic process if Dr. Butler determines the minor is a candidate for helpful intervention. 

Please believe the child or teenager under your care. If your child or teen is reporting an unwanted memory please consider NOT discounting the report. If your child or teen is exhibiting the symptoms of unwanted memories, you may consider a consultation immediately.

All fees and donations for all services from Dr. Butler are considered donations to the non-profit organization “The American Buddhist Order.” The Order has just been Founded by Dr. Butler – Buddhism for the American mind and the Western culture. Relieving suffering is the goal of Buddhism according to the Buddha himself. The Order has been founded and the details will be soon online.

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